My Drug: Music

For as long as I can remember, my love for music has only grown and evolved.  At my core, I have always been a hip hip, R&B, and rap fan.  I’ll occasionally phase in and out of Hawaiian, reggae, alternative, classic rock, and oldies.

Today, I almost exclusively listen to EDM.  I remember listening to Paul Brandon’s Mix @ 6 when I was in high school.  Not knowing who the artists were or what the songs names were, I knew I liked this new “sound.”  It’s hard to remember all the songs I went through during my early interests, but I can easily say these two songs stand as pillars for my foundation of EDM:

Rachel Starr – To Forever (Moonbeam remix)

Cosmic Gate – Exploration of Space

From then till now, I’ve slowly zeroed in on what genres of EDM of enjoy the most.  I’m a huge fan of trance and well as (progressive) house.  But don’t like to restrict myself to only those.  In the end, if it sounds good, I’ll listen to it!  My love for EDM as grown so much, I listen to it when I exercise, study, and when I’m at work.  EDM is so energizing, I feel like I’m on natural high the entire time.

Over the last few years, it’s amazing how the EDM community has grown.  It’s inclusion in mainstream hip-hop has really opened its doors to more people.  I feel like just 2-3 years ago, very few of my friends listened to EDM, and today they are traveling across the US to attend festivals.

I plan on posting some of my playlists from time to time to give you a feel of what I’m listening to.  So to start, here goes:

  1. W&W – Lift Off
  2. Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash – Reloaded
  3. Omnia – The Light
  4. Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound
  5. Emma Hewitt – Rewind (Mikkas Remix)

more to come!


Argyle, a pattern of diamonds and lozenges derived from Clan Campbell of Argyll, Scotland.

As part of my latest addiction to ties and all other things related to business dress, I recently picked up a few argyle socks from my favorite sock brand, Gold Toe.

I’ve been hesitant to buy argyle socks since they tend to be much pricier compared to plain solid color socks.  On top of that, my pants tend to be longer meaning you probably won’t see sock color anyways when I sit down.

Anyways, here’s a couple sock/shoe combinations.

This really does give a small touch of color and flare to your everyday outfit.  However, the line between clever and goofy is very thin when it comes to matching argyle socks with everything else you’re wearing.

Shirts & Ties

Recently I’ve been opening up my wardrobe and trying to be little more “adventurous” with my shirt and tie combinations.  Knitted ties, wool ties, textured ties, and more.  The more I look, the more ideas I get.  In addition to more ties, I’ve been buying gingham, chambray, and denim shirts.  Anyways, enough with the talk and more pictures…

Rosenhal Chambray Shirt, Gregory Denim Shirt, Montauk Repp Tie in Haven, and Montauk Repp Tie in Arbor.

Easily the most denim I’ve ever worn

I’m also in love with this particular site that has been getting more and more coverage on GQ, The Tie Bar.  On the surface, it looks like a cheap and random website, but after making a few purchases, their stuff is quality and at unbelievable prices (all ties are $15!)

my first silk knitted tie and 1″ tie clasp from The Tie Bar

New Shirt

wow, yes, it’s been a while.  So many things to write and post about, but no time.  Working full-time+balancing two classes is manageable, but I barely have any free time.

Switching gears to fashion/clothes (I think the FFF should like this post), I’ve been on a never-ending search to find an off-the-rack dress shirt that can accommodate my body type.  Traditionally, I end up getting a large shirt for the shoulder width, but I feel like I’m drowning around the waist and mid-section from all the extra fabric.  I’ve tried numerous “slim fit” and even went down to a medium, but both don’t fit well.  I was almost convinced I would never find one unless I went to slightly more expensive brands like Brooks Brothers, or get fully custom shirt.

I’ll keep the store undisclosed for now, but I found a shirt that actually fits well.  This is definitely a place I wouldn’t expect to find a shirt, nor have I ever bought a shirt from them.  What makes it convenient is that the shirts are sized by neck size and sleeve length (as it should be), and on top of that, it’s non-iron!


Insomnia? + Random Thoughts

I don’t recall ever running into a problem like this, especially one that lasted this long.  I usually have an easy time sleeping, and typically get in a solid 6 hours before my internal clock wakes me up.  Ever since I got back to Hawaii for break, I’ve been waking up every 2-3 hours.  Although tonight is the worst, it’s nearly 2am and I’ve been wide awake this entire time.

Well since I’m up and not in a Yelping mood, I think I’ll take this time for some random thoughts.

As usual, my Christmas break as been standard to any break when I come back to Hawaii.  A lot of eating, spending time with family, trying my best to see at least 1 (ideally 2) friends everyday, getting in some workouts at the UFC gym, and going to the beach.  Despite everything going pretty smoothly, I’ve thinking a lot about what I’ll be doing in the next 6 months to 1 year.  I’ll be graduating from my MBA program in  June 2013 and then it’s off to the real world (again).  I’ve been telling myself that I wouldn’t mind staying in Seattle, and also would consider San Francisco/San Jose, Denver, and Phoenix.  Of course Hawaii is in the mix, but for now, as my last choice if nothing else works out.  I like to think I’m pretty adaptable and open to living in new cities, but the comforts of Hawaii will always be in the back of my mind.

There are things I feel Hawaii would be the most ideal for me, such as:  starting a family, coaching youth baseball ( the same league I grew up playing in), possibly coaching football at my high school, keeping on touch and being able to see long time friends, and of course being able to see my family.

A lot can happen in the next 6 months, and I just need to take it one step at a time.

Got the Internship!

So many things I want to write about, but here’s a big one…

I got the offer to intern at KPMG’s Economic and Valuation Services department from Jan – March!  I’m pretty excited to get back into work, and apply things that I’ve learned through my MBA program.

To get things started, they’ll be flying me out to Orlando for training.   And yes, I’ll be staying at SeaWorld.  But no, I won’t be able to go!  I know, what a TEASE!

My first NFL Game!

Football, easily my favorite sport to watch.  It’s a shame that it has taken me this long to finally see my first NFL game.  But then again, growing up in Hawaii where there is no professional teams, it’s no surprise.

I was fortunate enough to get picked through Seattle University’s lottery system for $35 discounted tickets.  This ticket would run a minimum of $200 if you were buy it off of ticketmaster, stubhub, or some other platform.  Nose bleed or not, I’ll take $35 tickets any time.

North side entrance

I thought this is a great idea.  I try to avoid at all cost buying any food or drinks at sporting events, the prices are just ridiculous.  But right when I watched through the gates, there were about 5-6 food trucks!  If I knew about this, I wouldn’t have eaten prior to the game *note to self for next game*

After wandering around the stadium for an hour, we decided to start walking to our seats.

View of downtown Seattle

Seahawks entrance

180 pano from my seat (taken with Galaxy Nexus)

Reppin my new Seahawks gear

Fortunately, the Seahawks pulled out a Win.  My experience at CenturyLink was great, the noise level does get pretty crazy too.  At the end of the day I got kneed in the back, got beer spilled on me, and saw a fight.  All in all, I’d call it a successful and memorable day.