Numero Uno!

Sorry for the Español, Spain just dominated the Euro Cup 2012 championship yesterday and I took Spanish in high school.  Anyways, here’s my first entry…

I wondered what my first entry would be about.  I contemplated if I should backtrack and write about some bigger event in the past, or just dive in on what is happening right now.

I think I’ll go with the latter.

In my final year of my MBA program, I am slowly discovering more and more about myself through different classes.  For my MBA 517 class,  Marketing Management, I was required to take a VALS™ survey that places you in one of eight types, or mindsets, based on “psychological traits and key demographics that drive consumer behavior.” (see below)

The VALS Framework

Based off of the survey, my primary type was “Achiever” and my secondary type was “Innovator.”

What Achievers want:

  • Financial security
  • Material possessions
  • Social standings/awards

Content preference:

  • Succinct
  • Beneficial
  • Bullet pointed (ha!)
  • Peer approved

Power words (words that resonate):

  • Business/career
  • Competitive
  • Conservative
  • Economical
  • Efficient
  • Exclusive
  • Focused/goal oriented
  • Organized

It’s almost scary and cool at the same time that a less than 20 question survey pretty much nailed it on the head in terms of my personality.  The median age for this group is 41!  I guess all this time people have told me, “you’re mature for your age!” is all making sense now.

While nearly all the descriptions are on point, I have to question the “looks for rewards, recognition, and outward signs of success.”  I don’t believe I’m driven by achievements (unless their XBOX achievements, lol) rather than them being a secondary award, the first being the path taken to the achievement.

Take the survey, link is above.  It’s super short and leave your type in the comments.

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