Independence Day 2012

Clear skies and warm weather, two ingredients for a fun filled 4th of July celebration.

My day started of at El Norte Lounge, located in Lake City, for a private family and friends BBQ.


One the menu?  6 hour slow roasted pork butt was the main attraction.


Edwardo, the owner of El Norte, pulled out all the stops for this occasion.  2 beers on tap, margaritas, hurricane, and watermelon soju were virtually of unlimited quantities.  Add that to a plethora of Mexican and Hawaiian food=one good BBQ!

After being comatose from all that food and sun, a few friends and I decided to fight the crowds and catch the fireworks show held at Lake Union/Gas Works Park.  We managed to find an opening just east of the show that overlooked I-5.


Sidetrack thought:  What I absolutely love about summers in Seattle is that even at 10pm, there is still light out!  I feel so much more productive throughout the day if there’s sun.

Next is the first 10 minutes of a 25 minute show that cost $150,000!  Nothing like watching other people’s money burn, literally.

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