Review: Cherry Street Coffee House, Capitol Hill

My first review on my blog!

Since the completion of SU’s newest apartment style dorm, The Douglas, nearly all ground level store fronts have been vacant except for a yoga studio and a corner with a sign saying “Cherry Street Coffee House Coming Soon.”

Can there be too much coffee?  NO.  Starbucks, Stumptown, Cafe Vita…the more the merrier!

Cherry Street Coffee House has been gracing Seattle with its presence since 1997 with their Seattle University/Capitol Hill location being their 7th location.

Now onto the thing that matters most to me, THE COFFEE!  Usually when we walk into Starbucks or Stumptown, we are presented with a plethora of coffees from all over the world.  Dark, medium, light, and with flavor profiles so complex they would give wine a run for its money.  Sometimes too many choices can be paralyzing to a non-coffee “enthusiast”.

Going against what seems to be the normal business plan of a large selection of coffees, CSHS offers just a SINGLE blend of coffee with origins from “Central and South America, with a touch of Papa New Guinea for balance.”

What I really like about this place are the (near) floor to ceiling windows that allow for a lot of natural light.  On sunny days, it’s great…but that can be said about anywhere in Seattle when it’s sunny.

It seems like many Seattle food/drink establishments are utilizing this decor with wood.  As you can see, there is a lot of use of raw wood from counters, seats, walls, and tables.

Although this place is called a “coffee house”, it seems to be more of a simple breakfast/sandwich spot that happens to serve coffee.  See the menu:

Side note:  Due to the larger tables, this place would make a great study spot.  However, there are only three tables throughout that can accommodate power outlets.  Lastly, they close at 9pm, just a little too early for late night study sessions.

Check out my yelp review here

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