Review: UFC Gym BJ Penn

The review I’ve been waiting to write, The UFC Gym BJ Penn!

Located at the old Pipeline Cafe, this gym is 37,000 sq. ft, which is the entire block!  I remember going to their show room back in January and I could not wait to see the final building and layout.

I love working out.  Throughout the years I’ve shifted my focus from working out because of sports to just working out for my own general fitness and well being.  This shift in fitness “style” has taken me from traditional (heavy) weight lifting to multi-movement full body circuit training.

I’m not sure about you, but I get bored fast doing the same routine over and over again.  What I love about the UFC Gym are the variety of classes.  It’s pretty much all the classes offered at a 24 Hour Fitness plus a dedicated MMA gym (boxing, BJJ, MMA training, and muay thai just to name a few).  There is something for everyone, check the list out here.

I didn’t bring any of my gloves or wraps back, so I’ve been doing the Daily Ultimate Training, or D.U.T.  D.U.T.’s are a 40-50 minute straight cardio/strength attack.  Because it’s taught by different instructors, the exercises can greatly range (which I love).  Here are two examples of D.U.T.’s I did:

Are these difficult?  Yes.  You know theses are tough when fellow coaches are struggling with them.  The coaches will encourage to push yourself but will recognize when you’re struggling knowing that everyone’s fitness level is different.

My last point, and one my friends always ask about is what’s the attitude like?  You would assume that being a UFC gym, everyone in there are fighters, “wannabe” fighters, or got a chip on their shoulder cause they “train”.  NOPE, not the case here, or at leas from my observation and interactions.  Everyone is very nice, especially the staff, and humble.  There’s also a comradery within the gym.  You see people cheering others on, helping push others through exercises, there really is a sense of community and family here.

Here are a few pictures of the facility:


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