New Shirt

wow, yes, it’s been a while.  So many things to write and post about, but no time.  Working full-time+balancing two classes is manageable, but I barely have any free time.

Switching gears to fashion/clothes (I think the FFF should like this post), I’ve been on a never-ending search to find an off-the-rack dress shirt that can accommodate my body type.  Traditionally, I end up getting a large shirt for the shoulder width, but I feel like I’m drowning around the waist and mid-section from all the extra fabric.  I’ve tried numerous “slim fit” and even went down to a medium, but both don’t fit well.  I was almost convinced I would never find one unless I went to slightly more expensive brands like Brooks Brothers, or get fully custom shirt.

I’ll keep the store undisclosed for now, but I found a shirt that actually fits well.  This is definitely a place I wouldn’t expect to find a shirt, nor have I ever bought a shirt from them.  What makes it convenient is that the shirts are sized by neck size and sleeve length (as it should be), and on top of that, it’s non-iron!


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