Shirts & Ties

Recently I’ve been opening up my wardrobe and trying to be little more “adventurous” with my shirt and tie combinations.  Knitted ties, wool ties, textured ties, and more.  The more I look, the more ideas I get.  In addition to more ties, I’ve been buying gingham, chambray, and denim shirts.  Anyways, enough with the talk and more pictures…

Rosenhal Chambray Shirt, Gregory Denim Shirt, Montauk Repp Tie in Haven, and Montauk Repp Tie in Arbor.

Easily the most denim I’ve ever worn

I’m also in love with this particular site that has been getting more and more coverage on GQ, The Tie Bar.  On the surface, it looks like a cheap and random website, but after making a few purchases, their stuff is quality and at unbelievable prices (all ties are $15!)

my first silk knitted tie and 1″ tie clasp from The Tie Bar


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